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Month: September, 2014

we LOVE bloggers

When i was a kid, i asked my friends who is their favourite cartoon character; when i was in my teenage, i asked my friends who is their favourite singer; when i grew even older, i asked my friends who is their favourite writer .

Now that i am an adult, Folks, who is your favourite blogger?

For me, the fascinating Kristina Bazan is for sure one of my favourite! i am sure many of you know who she is, or even attracted my her as i do. If you don’t, do spend some time with her blogs, you would have no regret. Here’s the address: kayture.

i am not sure if i am allowed to do this, but i really want to share some of her gorgeous photos here, i hope she doesn’t mind.

Very pretty girl, with very good taste, and from her words you can see she is a very cute girl. Only girls like her can write such a fascinating blog.

Love her outfit. Love her accessories. Love the way she matches black with gold. i always think gold is a old-fashioned, no offence, only when it matches with black makes it cool instead.

She carries simple and elegant looks well; when it comes to vivid Hindi style, she makes no difficulty to not let the colourful outfit steal her bright.

i’ll just stop here. Thank you very much for reading, i hope you enjoyed.



G for game-google

Folks, i am going to talk about something really stupid in this entry. How stupid? Really very. But i am pretty sure a lot of your have done this before.

To google yourself.

No you didn’t do this before? No i am so not going to believe you. No.

i thought i would find nothing but a link to this site by typing ROUGEHOLIC in the search bar, but it is not the case. Seriously? How can that be? i spent years to come up with this name, it is supposed to be a unique one. Phew.

Anyway, here are some results i got by searching my name:


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.


REDValentino FW2014

Folks, i am not a fan of REDValentino, nor am i a fan of Princess Snow White. Not just am i not a fan, i dislike her. Don’t ask me why, I just dislike her. Despite my dislike of PSW, still, i am totally obsessed with the FW14 collection of REDValentino!

Red Valentino 10

Like all fairy tales, it starts with Once Upon A Time. This clutch would have been just another clutch: black, leather, rectangular. But as it now with the magic letters on it, it becomes THE CLUTCH that i want to bring home and live happily ever after with it!

Red Valentino 1 Red Valentino 2 Red Valentino 4

i love red. i love jumpers. i love jumpers with holes. i love THIS JUMPER! My way to wear it: to match is with slim cut high waist trousers and tucked-in while blouse, and of course, a pair of high heels is a must. Sounds play safe and boring?  Trust me, this jumper leave no way to boring, especially when you are holding that super colourful clutch.

Red Valentino 5

i first thought it’s a hoodie. But later on i found out that it’s actually a zip-up jacket / sweatshirt. Hmm…why not hoodie? Though the jacket looks nice, but, why not hoodie? Why?

Red Valentino 6

Any of you share with me the same childhood dream, that is, be a detective? If you do, you probably like this coat a lot as i do. Of course, the hat is not to be missed out. Besides the detective-look-alike, i totally love the colour, the pattern, and the boyish style of the coat. i look a bit too gentle sometimes, but i don’t think it would still be the case if i put on this coat.

Red Valentino 7

Red Valentino 9

Yes, the CLUTCH!! The apple-shaped / heart-shaped clutch!

Red Valentino



Red Valentino 11

The above dress is not within the FW14 collection, but this is definitely within the MUST HAVE collection of  every girl/lady/woman: the good quality, black and white stripped, short dress. And you know why.


thx for reading,