we LOVE bloggers

by rougeholic

When i was a kid, i asked my friends who is their favourite cartoon character; when i was in my teenage, i asked my friends who is their favourite singer; when i grew even older, i asked my friends who is their favourite writer .

Now that i am an adult, Folks, who is your favourite blogger?

For me, the fascinating Kristina Bazan is for sure one of my favourite! i am sure many of you know who she is, or even attracted my her as i do. If you don’t, do spend some time with her blogs, you would have no regret. Here’s the address: kayture.

i am not sure if i am allowed to do this, but i really want to share some of her gorgeous photos here, i hope she doesn’t mind.

Very pretty girl, with very good taste, and from her words you can see she is a very cute girl. Only girls like her can write such a fascinating blog.

Love her outfit. Love her accessories. Love the way she matches black with gold. i always think gold is a old-fashioned, no offence, only when it matches with black makes it cool instead.

She carries simple and elegant looks well; when it comes to vivid Hindi style, she makes no difficulty to not let the colourful outfit steal her bright.

i’ll just stop here. Thank you very much for reading, i hope you enjoyed.