by rougeholic

Well, rougeholic, literally, is never the word for me. i never really into lip stick / lip gloss / lip gel, because i really dislike the feeling of having my lips covered by these products. i won’t even apply lip balm unless i must do so – which means my lips are bleeding as the result of being too dry. Even though there was a time i enjoy buying, due to the beautiful colour, i seldom apply them. So not environmental friendly, i know, please avoid doing so! 

Not long ago a craze of lip sticks was brought up by the Korean drama, and i was so proud of myself that i didn’t buy any. This is not easy, really, one can hardly resist when seeing this beautiful pictures.

lip lacquer3lip lacquer1lip lacquer2

Now the craze is finally over…at least not as strong, all of a sudden i have this crave, that i rushed out to buy one during my one-hour lunch break…

The one i bought is the Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 2. i couldn’t help picking it up the moment i saw it, very cute packing, and travel friendly due to the small size. Before applying Lip Polish, i first apply the lip balm and wait 1 – 2 minute(s). And i only apply a few drops on the inner part of the lips (i am not sure if this is considered as gradient). i always think my mouth would look a bit too big if fully pigmented, while to do it this way gives a better shape and also a better shade. Lips moisturized instantly, but not sticky as expected. For me, it’s quite long lasting, another merit.

Well, this one, i think i would not just leave it there.


Thanks for reading. i hope you like this entry.


p.s. goodbye my Dior Addict…